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Berk Kaan Kaya, aka  Kax, is a multidisciplinary artist and interior architect from Turkey. It aims to create artworks that stimulate the senses by blending architectural and spatial fictions.


Since my childhood, I had an interest in art that came from my family, and this interest began to find its own direction. I studied painting at Fine Arts High School. The things that I associate myself with in the drawings I made were spatial elements. I directed my attention to this field and by improving myself, I graduated from the department of interior architecture. 3D works have always interested me. I realized that the freedom in this area is a good opportunity for me to realize the things I dreamed of, and I focused entirely on my development in this area. 3D art has been my escape point where I found myself. During my interior architecture education, I had the opportunity to observe the effects of places on people. The elements used in the design of the places we are in direct even our preferences and movements during the day. Since I realized that this includes our emotions, the spatial elements I designed started to become a design language for the feelings I aimed to convey in my works. Freedom and originality are the most important points for me. In my spatial works that I have designed, it gives me happiness to activate people's emotions when they see them and to make them want to be in that place. The items and materials that I can best convey the experience gained an identity in the spaces I designed. I like to make that connection between realism and surrealism. Although there are explanations based on my work in the designs I make, the most important thing for me is that people can create their own fictions in these spaces.

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